Become a CBE Action member today! With your $25 annual membership contribution, you can help put communities of color and low-income communities at the center of public policy and decision-making.

We can no longer allow for communities of color and low-income communities to be excluded. With your generosity, and people just like you giving what they can, we can pull our resources together to build healthy and sustainable communities throughout the State.

Contributions made to CBE Action are not tax-deductible as your dollars directly support our work lobbying for environmental justice policies. 


Join CBE Action today with your annual membership contribution of $25 per year.  Because of you, and individuals just like you, we are working with frontline communities- those that are hit first and worst- to reverse climate change threats and adapt to what we cannot change.

These communities have historically been excluded from decision-making and the process of building public policy. Because of this, current policies and programs are not reflective of their community needs.