Communities for a Better Environment

For nearly 40 years, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has mobilized community members from some of California’s most heavily overburdened neighborhoods to prevent and reduce pollution and build community power to achieve clean energy and healthy communities. With CBE Action we are building upon CBE’s rich history and power as one of the most influential organizations in the environmental justice movement!

CBE Civic Engagement Program

CBE Action has launched a new electoral program in 2016 to unify the growing voting public to highlight progressive policy solutions and to shift our electorate to represent low-income communities of color. As a 501(c)(4), CBE Action is allowed by law to lobby for environmental justice policy, work on ballot initiatives, and endorse candidates who will take a stand for people and Mother Earth.

The Electoral Engagement Program will:

  1. Provide frontline communities with the tools, skills, and resources to take charge of their own environmental health and push for statewide policies to put the brakes on climate change. As we build a future that prioritizes environmental sustainability it must include building the political power of California’s frontline communities.

  2. Extend to the regional and statewide level – right into the capitol building in Sacramento. CBE Action is rooted in the 4 communities where we organize local residents: Richmond, East Oakland, Wilmington (Los Angeles) and Huntington Park.

CBE Action is engaging California’s communities of color and low-income communities living on the frontlines of climate change to participate in political organizing, lobbying, and civic engagement. Together, we will build the new clean, green, healthy, sustainable and economically viable environments that communities deserve. Here are some examples on what our work achieves:

  1. Charge Ahead California initiative brings the green vehicle revolution to communities that need it most with 1 million electric, zero emission vehicles on California roadways.

  2. Senate Bill 350: Golden State Standards, improves public health by setting a 50% increase renewable energy and 50% increase in energy efficiency by 2030.

CBE Action communities have the power to create and influence new legislation. They are leading the way in advancing new laws benefiting all of California.

Join Our Team!

CBE Action directly lobbies on ballot initiatives, policies and programs that impact community health.

Together, we can increase community member representation and turn up the heat where it matters the most on the legislative floor, in the halls of congress, at neighborhood council meetings, at City Hall hearings, and on election days. Get involved today!

Community Leading the Way

Community Member Angie Tam speaking at CBE event in East Oakland. Photo by: Shela Bezalel

Community Member Angie Tam speaking at CBE event in East Oakland. Photo by: Shela Bezalel

“In East Oakland, projects like Coliseum City are happening in my backyard. CBE Action is just what our community needs so more residents can engage our City officials to prioritize land use projects benefiting people, our families and our health- not unfair industry profits. ” – Angie Tam, CBE Action Community Member

Bahram with our summer Research Intern, Mauro, a former Youth for Environmental Justice member.

Bahram with our summer Research Intern, Mauro, a former Youth for Environmental Justice member.

 “All candidates and elected officials need to feel the strong presence of communities. We are working tirelessly to provide community members with the necessary tools for becoming effective environmental justice advocates.”  -Bahram Fazeli, Director of Research & Policy