Urge Assemblymembers to support SB100!

Communities on the frontlines of climate change deserve a healthier and less polluted environment. You can help California move to clean energy faster by urging your Assemblymember to support Senate Bill 100.

SB100 will:

  • Accelerate the current renewable portfolio standard to 50% by end of 2026. 
  • Increase the renewable portfolio standard to 60% by 2030. 
  • Set a goal for the state to get to 100% renewable electricity by 2045. 

California can speed up the transition to a clean energy economy but your Assemblymember needs to hear from you. 

TAKE ACTION NOW! Contact your Assemblymember and urge them to support SB100! 

Look up your Assemblymember:  http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/ 
Contact your Assemblymember at their District Office:  http://assembly.ca.gov/assemblymembers 

Here's a sample script:
Hello, my name is [your name] and my zip code is [your zip code].
I'm calling to urge my Assemblymember [Assemblymember name] to vote Yes on SB100 to move California to clean energy.  

  • SB 100 will help California accelerate to renewable energy to 50% by end of 2026. 
  • SB 100 will improve our health, increase community safety and puts our economy on a path for clean energy. 
  • SB 100 will help the state get to 100% renewable electricity by 2045. 

After you give your message thank your Assemblymember for their time.